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Shadmocks & Shivers

Shadmocks & Shivers


Ronald Chetwynd-Hayes, England's very own 'Prince of Chill', would have been 100 years old in 2019.


To celebrate this, fifteen of the finest authors currently working in the supernatural genre have come together to contribute new tales of The Monster Club, Clavering Grange, Temptations Unlimited, Madam Orloff, Vampires, Ghosts and of course Shadmocks. Chetwynd-Hayes himself is represented by one of his classic Francis St. Clare and Frederica Masters stories.


Those who are already fans will be sure to enjoy this selection of genuinely creepy stories, all of which are seasoned with a taste of the trademark Chetwynd-Hayes humour.


Chetwynd-Hayes, Adrian Cole, John Llewellyn Probert, Cardinal Cox, Tina Rath, Simon Clark, Marion Pitman, Fred Adams, Josh Reynolds, I. A. Watson, William Meikle, Theresa Derwin, Pauline Dungate, John Grant, Stephen Laws, Robert Pohls.


    Please note, this book will be published on 11th October 2019. Orderes will not be despatched until aftef that date.

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