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Death After Death

Death After Death


By Edmund Glasby. Introduction by Mario Guslandi. Cover artwork by Randy Broecker.

ISBN 978-0-9572962-4-4. Paperback 280 pages, £10.99.




“In the best tradition of pulp fiction, Edmund Glasby’s storytelling is fast-paced, fantastical, escapist and with a large dollop of Grand Guignol horror”


Eleven deathly tales of shapeshifters, vampires, hybrid creatures, ghouls, zombies, hauntings and mad scientists!


“A clever melting pot, cooking some classical ingredients of horror fiction - the supernatural sleuth, the haunted house, exorcism... and a priest holding a séance!” (Hour of the Witch)


“A vivid piece of graphic horror, revisiting in an effective and quite original way, the time honoured theme of the mad scientist” (Pale Lilac)


“An offbeat mix of crime and pulp fiction, sparkling like a glass of champagne”

(Angels of Death)


A new collection that signifies the emergence of a major talent in horror fantasy writing!


"Edmund Glasby creates an intense and intriguing atmosphere by writing about what happens to the characters and how they deal with strange phenomena and threatening situations. The atmosphere is satisfyingly dark and twisted, because the author doesn't shy away from grotesque and gory elements.

I love the author's way of using classical and old-fashioned horror ingredients and clichés in a graphic and intriguing way. He contemporises them in an excellent way and delivers a veritable feast of supernatural elements to his readers." (From the review on

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