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Such Things May Be

The Collected Writings of James Wade

Edited by Edward P. Berglund

Foreword by Fritz Leiber

Cover wrap by Jim Pitts

In his review for Crypt of Cthulhu, Randall Larson said,

“This is a most welcome book, and one long overdue. Predominantly Lovecraftian writer James Wade (1930-1983), seeming to have become more of an obscure author than he ought to be, is well deserving of such a comprehensive collection of his work, a lack that editor Edward P. Berglund steadfastly remedies with this solid compilation of his literary output”.


Clipping from Wade's "Scouting in the City" column for The Korea Times.

In this major retrospective, editor Edward Berglund collects together not only what we’ve described as the Arkham House collection that never was, but a vast array of other writings by Wade. These include 25 short stories, over 20 poems and more than 30 essays and reviews, plus Fritz Leiber’s original Foreword.

On the SF Revu website, Mario Guslandi said the book was,

“an exhaustive and long due homage to an unjustly forgotten author in the field of dark fiction".

After army service James Wade (1930-1983) settled in Korea and he wrote widely on music for a variety of periodicals. His symphonic and chamber music has been performed in many countries, and he completed an opera based on Richard E. Kim's best-selling novel of the Korean War, The Martyred. He wrote a column for The Korea Times and his work has been anthologised by such noted editors as August Derleth, Ramsey Campbell, Stuart David Schiff and Herbert Val Thal.

A number of Wade’s book reviews and essays were published in his column for The Korea Times, “Scouting the City” as by ‘Alf Racketts’.

From the blurb:

Tales from Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos:

The Deep Ones, A Darker Shadow Over Innsmouth,

The Silence of Erika Zann

Darkly supernatural terror from the Midwest:

The Nightingale Floors, The Pursuer, The Elevator,

Snow in the City

Weird tales set in Korea:

The Temple of the Fox, Time After Time

And many other short stories and poetry

Plus many essays and reviews of weird fiction

Editor Edward P. Berglund (1942-2019) is the author of the collection Shards of Darkness (Mythos Books 2000) and editor of the anthologies, The Disciples of Cthulhu (DAW 1976), The Disciples of Cthulhu II (Chaosium 2003) and Spoor Anthology 2 (The Strange Company 1974). He also edited four issues of From Beyond the Dark Gateway (Silver Scarab Press 1972-1977) and five issues of the on-line magazine Nightscapes (1997-2001). Short stories appeared in Space and Time, Eldritch Tales, Crossroads, The Sorcerer's Apprentices, Innsmouth Tales and others.

“… a keen Insight into Wade's strengths as a writer and his validity as a wordsmith in the realm of weird fiction and criticism. It's also a diverse cornucopia of very entertaining and affecting stories, poems, and nonfiction… 'Temple of the Fox" takes advantage of Wade's long time habitation In Seoul, South Korea by weaving a splendid tale of Asian temple horror, as do tendrils of the deliciously creepy "The Nightingale floors," albeit taking place In Washington DC”.

(Randall Larson).


First page from the original manuscript of "A Darker Shadow Over Innsmouth", with Wade's corrections.


Edited by Edward P. Berglund. Foreword by Fritz Leiber

Cover wrap and frontispiece by Jim Pitts

Shadow Publishing 2018. ISBN 978-0-9572962-6-8

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