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Haunts of Horror

Haunts of Horror


Edited by David A. Sutton. Cover artwork by Edward Miller.

ISBN 978-0-9572962-3-7. Paperback 320 pages, £11.99


Houses on the borderland of madness and horror!


“Houses are where we live, eat, sleep, love, dream. Houses are our private worlds, the places we find shelter from a cruel universe. But houses are also the venues of horrors and nightmares”


Six terrifying novellas by top horror authors Allen Ashley - Simon Bestwick - Paul Finch - Gary Fry - Samantha Lee - David A. Riley


Four Stars -

“stories that explore the concept of the haunted house, but with a more modern twist”


Four stars - The Black Abyss website

“If you prefer Hodgson’s House on the Borderland, the unsettling ghostly tale of a strange dwelling, you will love this collection”


A seaside home, a school, a fantasy castle, a lighthouse, a wooden hut, a run-down tower block — all are tainted by an abnormal atmosphere. Be wary of what’s beyond the entranceway. For we have six dwellings eager to molest the human spirit at its lowest ebb, its most vulnerable time. Welcome… please step across the threshold…

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