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Phantoms of Venice

Phantoms of Venice


Edited and with an introduction by David A. Sutton. Foreword by Joel Lane. Cover artwork by Harry O. Morris.

ISBN ISBN 0-9539032-1-4. Limited edition hardcover, 235 pages.


Stories by Brian Stableford, Peter Tremayne, Anne Gay, Tim Lebbon, Conrad Williams, Cherry Wilder, Eddy C. Bertin, Mike Chinn, Pauline E. Dungate.


Phantomsserial killersrevengepossessionplague victimsand the devil incarnate… Join the throng of shades and monsters in ten disturbing tales of Venice by award-winning masters of the macabre


“What a brilliant idea… a very readable anthology” (All Hallows)

“A handsomely produced collection of ghost and horror stories” (SFC)

“Stories that twist and turn the reader until the end” (Cemetery Dance)

“A collection that’s sure to be loudly applauded by those who appreciate dark fantasy and solid storytelling” (The 3rd Alternative)

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