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The Whispering Horror

The Whispering Horror


By Eddy C. Bertin. Cover artwork by Harry O. Morris.

ISBN 978-0-9539032-7-6. Paperback 290 pages, £11.99.



Fourteen tales of dreamlike terror, madness and out and out freezing cold horror!


Something Small... something hungry is haunting Circus Morbani... and killing, or are they just suicides? Boro the odd job man knows something, but he isn’t telling. Yvana the fortune teller knows something and horror awaits. And detectives Gary and Lon are stumped. A mysterious and shocking tale set in an old-world circus.


In the town of Dunwich, on the windswept east coast, Henry VIII’s soldiers are implementing the king’s decree at Greyfriars monastery. But Dunwich holds a dark secret. What is it that comes from the sea and is causing the town to disappear under the waves? A tale in the tradition of H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos.


Danny Veermeet is in the UK writing a story on old London. The Underground looks like a great theme for his magazine article, but terrifying is loose down there that no one else has noticed. Danny sees something though and is drawn into a horror so grim and grisly that the truth has been withheld by the authorities. A novella that brings HLP’s Cthulhu Mythos into the heart of the metropolis!


"A rich and varied collection of horror stories from a master of the genre. I sincerely hope that further collections of Bertin’s stories will appear in English in the not too distant future.

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