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Worse Things Than Spiders & Other Stories

Worse Things Than Spiders & Other Stories


By Samantha Lee. Cover artwork by Paul Bateman.

ISBN 978-0-9539032-8-3. Paperback 150 pages, £8.99.



Samantha Lee can tell a great story, be it heart-rending horror or charming jokey fantasies, such as ‘Take Five’ and ‘Scoop’. These will be a little light relief from the razor edged terrors in other stories such as ‘The Island of the Seals’ and ‘Nobody Thinks He’s A Bad Guy’. She has a way of depicting torture and cruelty, often with a sharp eye on the humanitarian issues. These are dark stories indeed, told with just the right dollop of horror to thoroughly unnerve the reader. And if you want ghosts and mythical beings, there’s ‘Cat’s Cradle’ and ‘Over My Dead Body’, each of them unnerving in their own way.


Samantha Lee’s output is as diverse as it is prolific, covering both fact and fiction and including novels in the science fiction and dark fantasy genres, self-development and exercise books, short stories and articles, TV series and movie screenplays, literary criticism and poetry. Her genre novels include the best-selling ‘Point Horror’ imprint titles. Demon, Demon II, Amy,

The Belltower and The Bogle.


"Silent Scream - What if one day you found out your dear old granny was something more akin to a disciple of the devil himself? A powerful, brutal and nightmarishly exquisite tale of Nazi death camps, alcoholism and how our pasts have a bit of a habit of catching up with us. There are indeed much, much worse things in this world than spiders. The Island of the Seals - I was pretty much a hardened misanthrope before indulging in this beautifully woven piece of updated Celtic legend, but this one sealed the deal. Thank you, Samantha Lee." (From the Trevor Kennedy's review on Amazon).

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